Creating international listings on Amazon using Webinterpret

This article explains the process of creating international listings on Amazon using Webinterpret. 

Topics in this article:

Creating international listings on Amazon with Webinterpret - overview

Creating international listings is an Amazon function that uses ASIN numbers to connect items on the British market to pre-existing ones on foreign markets.

The offers listed by Webinterpret are usually those of sole distributors, while international listings are offers tied to already existing items.

  • Creating new listings on foreign markets with Webinterpret leads to non-synchronized international listings.

Creating international listings using Webinterpret - instructions

  1. Login to your Seller Central and create an international listing (Sell Globally).


  1. Click Remove in the row you want to separate.


   3. In the pop-up window choose Keep these listings in the target marketplace.


 ⇨ The link is now disconnected. That means that the items you listed on Amazon are still active and the inventory is still synchronizing – you just have to change the prices of the items manually.   

⇨ The listing prices added by Webinterpret are synchronized by us.

⇨ The creation of new listings will not influence the connection between marketplaces.

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