ESB Set-Up & Checklist

Now that you have connected your Token and are synchronized with the Webinterpret Service, we're providing a step by step guide to make sure your set-up is complete, appropriate and optimized.

Below are recommended actions to take and also reference material to double check settings and ensuring your ESB account is optimized as soon as possible.    

We recommend reviewing each point below to make sure your eBay account is configured appropriately to enable selling internationally. Any of the settings not accurately implemented is likely to result in lower International sales, or even items not being available and listed at all.

Is your shipping set correctly?

To start selling on eBay in Germany, France, Spain and Italy you will need to ensure that your shipping has been set up correctly. If you don't have shipping set on your items for these countries we are unable to list them internationally.

Click here to learn how to set up your shipping correctly

If you’re using eBay’s Global Shipping Program you will need to add your shipping rates in to Webinterpret’s shipping management tool which you can log into here.

Have you accepted the CBT agreement on eBay?

Without agreeing to eBay’s Cross Border Trade agreement we are not able to list your items.

To finalise the CBT agreement, click on the name of your base market below to read and accept eBay’s CBT agreement


United Kingdom  -  Ireland  -  Germany  -  Belgium  -  France  -  Italy  -  Spain

Rest of the world

Australia  -  United States  -  Canada  -  Canada (French)

Do you comply with the seller performance standards?

Check your performance on the eBay seller standards dashboard 

Click here to read the eBay’s seller performance standards

Make sure you’re not exceeding your selling limits

eBay has 3 types of defined selling limits; account, category and item limits.

To find more information and decide whether to increase selling limits eBay have provided this article, Click Here. To Increase Selling limit, check this Step-By-Step guide: Increase Selling Limits on ESB

Make sure you’re not selling prohibited or restricted items

For a full list of prohibited and restricted items click here

To avoid you getting policy violations and to ensure we comply with eBay’s terms we may automatically blacklist some of your items.

Click here to learn more about our blacklisting feature

Auction-style listings 

WebInterpret only supports "Buy it now" listings. If your original item is an auction-style listing you need to convert it to "Buy it now" in order for it to be listed internationally.

For more information on listings and issues related to items NOT listing, please check the Help Center article:


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