Increase selling limits on ESB

In this article you will find a brief, step-by-step guide to follow when looking to increase your eBay ESB selling limits.

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Increasing selling limits - step by step guide

First of all, Log in to your Seller Central, and Click on ‘Help & Contact’


A drop-down menu will appear, select ''Browse by Topic'', and under the Category ''Selling'' will be ''Increase your Selling limits''.


Once clicked you will be redirected to a new page explaining how increasing seller limits works. If you wish to request an increase in your selling limits, simply click the button labelled ''Request selling limit increase''.


To check other settings and the set-up of your ESB profile and account, we have provided an in-depth article including direct eBay reference material. Check out all the information in the article linked below:

ESB Set-Up & Checklist

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