How does ESB (European Sales Booster) work?

European Sales Booster is a by-invitation program managed by eBay where pre-selected sellers are invited to list their items on various international eBay sites. The program cooperates with WebInterpret to translate and synchronize items.

The process looks as follows:

  1. eBay contacts you with an invitation to the programme. Once you click "I accept" eBay will select listings with the most potential to sell internationally. Your items will appear on foreign markets soon after.
  2. You should check that your account is correctly setup to accept foreign transactions.
  3. You receive a welcome call from WebInterpret to help you optimize your international sales.
  4. When your new translated items are sold, simply follow the standard process that you would carry out with any other sold item on eBay. For more information, click here...



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