Synchronizing your eBay listings with Webinterpret (connecting your token)

Learn how to keep your Webinterpret account connected to eBay to ensure your international listings are always available and up to date.

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Synchronization between Webinterpret and eBay: Token connection

To synchronize your eBay account with Webinterpret, eBay uses what is called a token (an encrypted link) that enables communication between your eBay and Webinterpret accounts. Webinterpret cannot fetch your original eBay listings or update your international listings without an actively linked token.

There are two tokens that must remain connected for active synchronization to occur with eBay: Regular Token and Token Plus. It is highly recommended to keep both tokens connected at all times.


When to connect your token

As long as your eBay credentials or account name have remained unchanged, logging in to the Webinterpret Dashboard on a regular basis will maintain an active token connection.

However, there may be occasions when your token connection expires.

This can occur when:

  • Your eBay log-in credentials are reset
  • Your eBay account name has been changed
  • The token connection has naturally expired after 6 months of inactivity in the Webinterpret Dashboard

Webintepret alerts you in two places when your token has been or is about to be disconnected:

1. Through email

2. Through a banner message at the top of your Webintepret Dashboard

See the next section for instructions on how to connect your Regular Token and Token Plus.


How to connect your token

To establish the token connection between eBay and Webinterpret:

1. Log in to your Webinterpret Dashboard and click Login with eBay.

2. Choose your account from the dropdown menu.


3. Click Account settings Accounts.

4. Click the edit icon beside your username.

5. Click on Refresh and/or Connect beside each token.


6. You will be redirected to eBay, where you will need to grant application access to Webinterpret. Click Agree.


Once you click Agree, you will be returned to your Webinterpret Dashboard and see a message confirming the action taken (as shown below: Your new token is now valid).

If you do not see a positive confirmation, follow the steps again. If you encounter an issue related to refreshing or connecting your token, please contact us so we can investigate the issue further.