How to manage my translated product titles?

In this article you will learn how to manage your translated product titles. Now, with our latest update you will be able to make changes to your eBay titles directly. Whether this be a small amendment or a complete re-translation, it’s now within your control.

Topics in this article:

How to edit an eBay title - instructions

1. Go to your Webinterpret Dashboard, select your eBay access and go to the Products section.

Here you will be able to view your listings.


2. If you would like to see the translations for the listing, click on the specific item and then Translations. A quickview with detailed translations will pop up.


3. To edit a translation, you need to choose the market and disable the blue slider button (also known as Autopilot). Once you click the button, you can then edit the translation with a limit to 80 characters.

4. Click Save changes and your translated titles are ready!

Please note that once a translated title has been edited by you, it will no longer be automatically translated if the original is amended. To revert to auto translation, you will need to switch back to Autopilot.

For example, an original title of ‘’Display (for PC use) would be translated in Spanish to ‘’Pantalla’’. If however you amended the translation to ‘’Monitor’’, any change to the original ‘’Pantalla’’ would not affect the now edited title of ‘’Monitor’’. To amend this, you would need to do so manually.