30 Day Free Trial - everything you need to know

This articles gives a basic overview of what is offered during your 30 day free trial with Webinterpret. You will learn about what's included in the trial and what to expect from it.

Topics in this article:

Before you apply for the 30 Day Free Trial, please check if you are not eligible for the European Sales Booster program.

What does the 30 Day Free Trial mean?

During the 30 Day Free Trial we do not charge you for our services. We also do not take any commission from your sales. 

However, eBay will charge you insertion fees for the international listings.

What's included in the trial?

  • We will create and list your best-selling items on the top 6 international eBay sites
  • We will translate your listings into the buyer's native language and optimize them for eBay (this service includes translating titles, descriptions, converting currencies and more)
  • You will get specialized customer support to help you grow your business
  • Your stocks will be synchronized (all updated automatically and in real time)

Can I upgrade to a full paid subscription?

Yes! You can do that by contacting our Support Team.

What happens at the end of my 30 Day Trial?

When the free trial period comes to an end, our Sales Team will give you a call to discuss your results and potential next steps that you can take for your business. 

Our company will recommend the most suitable plan for you based on the analysis of the performance of your account. 

What if I do not wish to continue after the 30 Day Trial concludes?

If you decide to opt out of a paid Webinterpret subscription, we will send you a cancellation survey via email.

Alternatively, you can also contact our Support Team to confirm that you do not wish to continue working with us.

Do not hesitate to give our Sales Experts a call to discuss the 30 Day Free Trial and other options for growing your international business.