Free shipping - good to know

In this article you will learn more about the Free Shipping Feature. Here you will find out why free shipping is a good option for your business and how it can cause a boost in sales. 

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Free shipping - additional information

Everyone knows how competitive the international e-commerce market is with multiple sellers all vying for the same customers. So any competitive edge that you can gain is definitely worth pursuing, especially when that edge comes free of charge. A free shipping option is definitely one of the things that draws a customer’s attention.

No matter how much you try to explain the cost of shipping materials, your time, etc., it will make no difference to the buyer who is looking for an exceptional bargain.


Free shipping - a boost in sales

You know what it costs you to ship an item, but most buyers do not… and they really don't care. In today’s economy every penny counts, so buyers will look for the item that ships free before checking out any other one that is being offered. eBay encourages you to offer free shipping. In fact, during the holiday seasons eBay often offers an additional discount on your fees if you offer to ship your items for free.

In addition, items that ship free are more visible in the Best Match search, so these items are much easier for the buyer to find when doing a search; this is not a small thing and can be a factor in causing a substantial boost in your sales!

What you also need to consider is the fact you have to pay Final Value Fees on the total price of the items you sell, including the shipping charges. You may think this policy is completely unfair, but it is now a fact of life - it is what it is - and you simply have no choice but to pay it.

After one of our campaigns to encourage sellers to add free shipping, we gathered promising insights. Sellers experienced a 4.91% increase in market growth and a 7.41% increase in GMV on internationally listed items.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to grow your income. Apply free shipping to your international items!

PS: You may use eBay’s custom shipping estimators to ensure your calculations are correct and you constantly make a profit on each item sold.




To set free shipping in the Webinterpret Dashboard, click here.