Tracked shipping service = increased sales & 5★ reviews

In this article you will learn how to use the Tracked Shipping Service. This kind of feature can be set up and managed directly from your eBay Dashboard.

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Tracked shipping service - overview

Supplying potential customers with confidence in your store can be a challenge. What separates you from other stores offering similar products at similar prices? What could prompt a potential customer to take that leap of faith in your store over all competitors?

One very simple factor is a Tracked shipping service.

When anyone parts with their hard-earned money online, we all look for anything that will give us that confidence to choose one store over any other. It's why, when we receive good service from one store, we go back again and again.

Including tracking (and then delivery confirmation) provides that extra level of security which perhaps your competitors don't offer. This kind of service on eBay is straightforward, and can all be set-up and managed directly in your eBay Dashboard. Your buyers can view the status of tracking directly from the same location. eBay also offers automatic 5★ seller ratings for transactions that meet certain criteria.

In offering Tracked shipping, not only do you increase a potential buyers confidence and security in your service, but it's highly likely to decrease the need for customers to ask for updates or ETA's.

As eBay confirms, ''You'll receive an automatic 5-star detailed seller rating for Dispatch time when your transaction meets the following criteria: ''Specify either same or 1 working day dispatch and upload tracking or delivery confirmation number within 1 working day of receiving payment. Tracking data must then show delivery within 3 working days or less.''

Successful, secure and timely orders will also significantly increase repeat custom. As stated above, a great service invites repeat custom. A bad, or confidence draining service obviously offers the opposite.

Implementing the tracked shipping service

To update or implement your Tracked shipping service, we've included some great guides supplied directly from eBay. Follow the guides, get implementing and see what a difference it can make to your store, repeat custom and those 5★ reviews which can only build even more confidence in your store.

Follow these to get going:

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