Why do I need to wait for translations for English speaking countries?

In this article you will learn about the specifics of translations for the English speaking countries. Here you will find out what things have to be checked before you can list in those marketplaces. 

Topics in this article:

Selling to English speaking countries - the specifics

If you sell to English speaking countries only, it requires less language translation but there are still things we need to check.

We still review listing titles to make sure they include all the relevant information we need to make the listing visible in the search bar. We also review the item specifics to make sure they are placed in the correct categories.

In addition to this we have to convert to the correct currency and apply the correct return policies. Depending on the item, the translators will have to change the keywords and adapt the title to the destination country. Also sometimes it takes time because of the sizes conversions that need to be done per country.

To learn more about how do we modify your listings, please check this article.