How to open markets for Promoted Listings

Learn how to select eBay sites (markets) to start advertising on, and why you need to accept eBay’s Terms and Conditions to get started.

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Sites selection for advertising

To start advertising, you need to select which sites you would like to promote your items on. Once you know the markets you want to open and target, you can select and deselect markets from the displayed list at any time.

Webinterpret recommends opening every market that you are actively listing in. Since Webinterpret’s Advertising automation runs campaigns in your opened markets that have the highest selling potential, it is more advantageous to open all of your markets while we decide which ones are worth advertising in.

To access these settings:

1. Log in to your Webinterpret Dashboard.

2. Click Advertising in the main menu on the left side of the Dashboard.

3. Click Settings > Open new markets.



Accepting eBay’s Terms and Conditions

In order to start advertising on the selected site(s), you need to accept eBay’s Terms and Conditions for each specific site. To proceed, click the Open button next to each site. You will be redirected to the corresponding eBay site, where you will be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions for the specific site.

This must be done for each site on which you would like to use Promoted Listings Standard and/or Advanced.


IMPORTANT: This is a mandatory requirement for Webinterpret to start creating Promoted Listings campaigns.

To start using the advertising service and open one or more markets, the general eligibility requirements for Sponsored Listings must be met. If you have any questions regarding eligibility for Promoted Listings, see Eligible countries and criteria for Promoted Listings.

Once the Terms and Conditions have been accepted, the market(s) will be available under the Promoted Listings Standard and/or Advanced tab, and campaigns will be launched within 24-48 hours.


How to reopen marketplaces

To reopen a previously closed marketplace, follow the same process you would for opening a brand new marketplace campaign: click ACTION and a message will appear confirming your choice to reopen the respective market.