Boost your eBay sales with Webinterpret's Performance Plan

Are you an eBay seller looking to outshine your local competition and skyrocket your sales? Webinterpret's Performance plan is here to give you the edge you need in your domestic market 🚀

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Why choose the Performance plan?

It's a small investment for big returns! The Performance plan covers the cost of advertising, shipping (for UK and US customers), and ensured free returns (handled and financed by Webinterpret).

Advertising Magic: Gain a top spot in search results and watch your visibility skyrocket. With Performance, you'll enjoy automated creation and management of profitable ad campaigns. This includes both Promoted Listings Standard and Promoted Listings Advanced for your domestic eBay listings.

Boost Buyer Confidence with Free Returns: Happy buyers lead to more sales. Support your domestic buyers and boost their checkout potential by offering free returns, covered through your Webinterpret plan. Our fully insured deliveries ensure peace of mind for you and your buyers.

Shipping Simplified: Want to increase your sales conversion rate? Get access to competitive shipping rates that are automatically set for your domestic listings whenever they apply. Say goodbye to complicated shipping decisions!

Pricing That Makes Sense: Webinterpret charges just 0.49% per transaction. To put this into perspective, for every 1000€ you earn on your domestic market, you'll only pay 5€ to Webinterpret.


How to activate the plan

Note: You can click here to go to the Plans page directly, and skip ahead to Step 4.

1. Log in to your Webinterpret account.

(Note: If you don't have an account, sign up here and complete your account set-up).

2. Click Login with eBay and sign in using your eBay credentials.

3. Click Account settings > Plans in the left menu.

4. Click Your domestic listings > Change plan (under Performance).


To activate Advertising (Promoted Listings Standard/Promoted Listings Advanced) follow these steps:

1. Click Advertising in the left menu.

2. Click Start advertising to activate Promoted Listings Standard/Promoted Listings Advanced and begin the onboarding process (or click here to open the Advertising onboarding in your browser).


Ready to boost your eBay sales? Sign up for Performance now and watch your business flourish!

For more information about pricing, see Starter, Business and Performance Plan Update or visit our official Pricing Page.