eBay Promoted Listings Advertising Dashboard data issue [eBay Update]

This article explains the data issue that was identified by eBay in their Promoted Listings Advertising Dashboard (27 September 2022). This issue is expected to be resolved within 2 weeks from this date.

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Advertising Dashboard data issue explained

On September 27, 2022, an internal bug was identified in eBay’s Promoted Listings Advertising Dashboard. As a result, incorrect data is being shown in reporting. eBay’s team is working diligently to solve the bug. Some sellers might see lower impression and click metrics than usual or potentially null. This has affected PLS and PLA globally.

A disclaimer for this bug is visible from the eBay Seller Hub:




Frequently asked questions

Q: Why am I seeing a drop or 0 impressions in my reports?

eBay is experiencing a system issue where you may see a drop in impression and click metrics. Please note your listings are not affected at this time and are still being promoted. We are actively working to recover this data as soon as possible.


Q: Is this affecting PLS or PLA?

This issue affects Promoted Listings Standard, Promoted Listings Advanced and Promoted Listings Express. It does not impact all sellers.


Q: Which reports is this impacting?

This issue is impacting all reporting, including the marketing tab reports, traffic reports, campaign dashboard and downloadable reports. Impression and click data is specifically being impacted. “Sold” and “sales” data is still accurate. Not all sellers are experiencing this issue.


Q: When will this issue be resolved?

eBay’s team is working diligently to solve the bug causing the issue. It is expected to be resolved within 2 weeks from the date it was identified (September 27, 2022).