New regulation regarding packages sent to Germany

This article explains new regulations regarding packages sent to Germany. You will learn about the new Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) and will find out who needs to register their business under this law. 

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Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act) - basic information

Do you sell on the German market, and want to continue doing so?

If your answer is “Yes” - this article will be very important for you.

  • Starting 01.07.2022, a new law starts to be enforced in Germany: Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act)
  • This regulation enforces additional requirements for all shops that are sending their goods to the German market
  • Namely, you need to register your Business (Company name, valid email address, contact person details) within the LUCID Packaging Register
  • After registration you need to upload your LUCID in Seller Hub on your eBay
  • Sellers failing to comply with the above requirements won’t be allowed to offer their products on the German market at all, starting 01.07.2022.

Who needs to register?

  • any party who fills and places onto the German market for the first time empty packaging that typically accumulates with private final consumers (initial distributor);
  • any party who imports packaged goods into Germany that typically accumulate with private final consumers, and places them here onto the market for the first time (importer); this can be
  • any party located abroad that ships the goods to Germany (regardless from which eBay you sell your items)
  • any party located in Germany that orders the delivery.

More information about this new requirement can be found on the official websites:


explanation of the Verpackungsgesetz (Packaging Act), and the registration process

Public Packaging Register

 you need to have your business registered here in order to continue to sell to Germany


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Packaging Act (German)

Official DE document