French EPR regulation FAQ

French EPR regulation FAQs:


Where can I find data to create a CSV file?

Under the new french regulations, producers and importers of goods in certain categories are required to add extra information to their eBay listings proving that they have fulfilled their legal responsibilities regarding the utilization of the product.

All sellers must contribute to the cost of recycling packaging. To comply with these regulations, you will need to contact a relevant eco-organisme. An eco-organisme is a company approved by the public authorities within the framework of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to manage the end-of-life of equipment you put on the market (collection, sorting, recycling and recovery of waste).

Some companies provide registration support services, like Lizenzero (an official eBay partner, but dealing only with packaging) or Ecosistant.


Where can I find links to register my company?

The list of registered organizations can be found here, or you can see the table below.


Do I have to register for EPR France if I sell in X category?

Please see the following list that has been published by eBay (click Eligible categories in the article to expand):

EPR categories schemes Relevant recycling eco-organismes (indicative)
Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) (solar panel only)
Furnishing items (including upholstered seats or sleeping products and decorative textile items)
Textiles (clothing products, new footwear or household linen, new textile products for the home)
Batteries and accumulators
Contents and containers of chemicals
Printed papers and papers for graphic use
Construction products or materials
Sports and leisure articles  
DIY and garden items
Mineral or synthetic, lubricating or industrial oils  
Tires (as of Jan 1, 2023)

Note: If your products do not fall under the EPR regulations you need to license the household packaging with a recycling system in France.


Do I have to register for EPR France if I sell used items?

Most likely you do.  The general rule is that if you are the first importer of the product to France, then you do need to register.  There are some exceptions  - for example Textiles do not require registration.  For accurate information regarding your EPR obligations, get in touch with a legal advisor.

Note: If the products you offer don't fall under the EPR regulations, the packaging you use for shipping may still be subject to the regulations.


Can Webinterpret register my company to be EPR France compliant?

Webinterpret does not offer this service. Some companies provide registration assistance and detailed compliance guides, such as Lizenzero (an official eBay partner dealing with packaging) or Ecosistant.


How can I calculate the eco-participation fee?

If you are a producer or importer of furniture, electrical and electronic equipment in France you are required to add the recycling amount in the eco-participation field. The amount you pay depends on the cost of recycling each type of equipment and differs significantly based on the size and type of products. You can find the amount by registering with a relevant eco-organisme.


What do I do if I don't sell in an EPR category scheme?

Nothing. If some or all of the codes are not required for you, leave them blank in the CSV file.


Where can I find the Ids of my original items?

The eBay Item ID is a 12-digit unique identification number given to each listing. You can export a list of your item IDs directly from eBay. Here is an example tutorial:


Should the headers and formatting stay the same as in the example file?

Yes, the headers must be kept as in the example. Do not add any extra columns or other information to the CSV.  Please see the video for the step by step instructions: