Amazon Update 2021

This article will provide an update on changes to Amazon processes related to selling goods to and from the UK post January 1st. 

Topics in this article:

Amazon update 2021 - summary of changes

These changes are both related to standard Amazon Terms, and also due to trading implications from the UK's exit from the European Union (Brexit).

Below is a summary of what to expect going forward into 2021:

1. As of January 1st, 2021, UK-based Amazon sellers will need to make customs declarations when exporting goods to the EU. For International based sellers wishing to import into the UK the same customs requirement will apply as to when shipping goods to Countries outside of the EU.

Changes related to International Import & Export processes can be found in the guides below:

Brexit - FAQ's for UK Based Sellers

Brexit - FAQ's for International Sellers, Exporting to the UK

2. Due to import/export changes (as the articles linked above will explain), expected transit times may potentially change and as a result, longer delivery times to customers should reflect this by updating the 'transit time' in the seller’s shipping templates.

3. For sellers using the FBA service, to enable the required Returns process Sellers will need to create a removal order to an address that is local to where the inventory is stored (UK or EU). Amazon provides assistance in relation to the required FBA returns process here.

4. Sellers wishing to store their goods and sell them in EU need to be registered for VAT in at least one of the EU countries (the one they store inventory in if they sell with FBA), they also need an EU EORI number.

5. Sellers who import goods into the EU for onward sale (without storage) will generally be required to pay import VAT (and possibly import duty) to the tax authority where the goods are imported.

Amazon confirms that there will be no changes regarding existing SKUs and related barcodes for UK and EU products. BIL functionality will also not be impacted for International sales, sellers will need to continue ensuring that inventory is available in both the UK and the EU.

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