eBay - updated VAT import regulations for UK and EU in 2021

This article explains the VAT import regulations for UK and EU in 2021. You will learn about the important changes in VAT as well as certain shipments within the EU. 

Topics in this article:

Updated VAT import regulations - overview

The update includes changes related to VAT treatment of imports into the UK effective from January 1st 2021, along with changes to EU VAT for cross-border e-commerce, effective from 1st of July 2021.

eBay have provided a full update via Seller Central to ensure eBay stores are prepared for these changes. To review the updates, please check this article ''Changes to VAT import regulations for the UK and EU in 2021''.

Included within the article referenced above, is this statement to ensure Stores are prepared: 

''As eBay is preparing for these changes, cross-border trade sellers should also assess the impact on their business and prepare for the changes. Please contact your tax adviser for questions on your VAT obligations.''

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