Refunds for cancelled transactions on marketplaces

Learn how Webinterpret processes cancelled transactions on marketplaces. Processes vary depending on the marketplace channel (eBay, Amazon).

Topics in this article:


Cancelled transactions on eBay

Cancelled transactions on eBay are automatically registered by our system and removed from your invoice accordingly. Our system processes cancelled transactions based on the following two workflows:

  • When an order is cancelled or returned during an ongoing billing cycle: no commission is charged for the transaction
  • When an order is cancelled or returned during a future billing cycle (the commission was already charged in a previous invoice): the commission is automatically charged back to the nearest invoice

Note: In the rare event our system does not detect the change of order status (commission is charged for a cancelled or returned order), contact our support team and provide the corresponding transaction details: (a) Date of return, Order ID, Item ID (b) Proof of cancellation from eBay.


Cancelled transactions on Amazon

Cancelled transactions on Amazon are handled manually by our support team. If you require a refund for a cancelled transaction on Amazon, contact our support team and include the following details:

  • Date of return
  • Order ID
  • ASIN
  • Proof of cancellation from Amazon