eBay motors & car parts - enforcement policy

This article provides an update on eBay's motor and car parts enforcement policies. Highlighting product information and details within your listings provides buyers with a vastly better shopping experience, and allows for a better product match based on real time information. 

Topics in this article:

eBay motors & car parts - important updates

As per eBay's continued updating and amending of their enforcement policies, we'd like to keep you up to date on any changes as soon as we're aware.

For this latest update, it affects Motor & Car Parts Sellers and we have compiled this article to ensure you have the most up to date info available. This includes the latest releases from eBay directly, FAQ documents and also clarifications on how it will provide an opportunity to increase both your sales and conversions within the new set-up.

Parts compatibility listings

Introducing Parts Compatibility Listings - the new way to save time and money while listing your parts and accessories.

As eBay have stated in their PDF guide, the purpose of Parts Compatibility Listings is:

''Parts compatibility allows sellers to save time and money by creating a single parts and accessories listing on eBay Motors. This format adds standard information to your listing, giving you the opportunity to use your 55-character listing title limit to highlight product details instead of describing compatible vehicles. This new and powerful tool lets sellers match buyers with parts that fit their vehicles. A searchable description section, now located in all parts and accessories listings, allows buyers to quickly and confidently find the part they’re looking for on eBay''

Now, when a potential buyer uses the search function and is seeking a specific part, they will have an additional tab which will list all compatible vehicles. This enables increased selling/buying options to all parties along with significantly higher views of your listings.

Now the standardized vehicle information And your title are used to match buyers' searches so that your listings will show up in more relevant search results pages.

Parts compatibility also helps improve the overall buying experience, enabling buyers to:

  • Gain more confidence when purchasing parts and accessories while lowering the number of buyer questions and returns.
  • View only the listings matching the buyer’s year, make and model in the search results pages.
  • Verify the part or accessory will fit their vehicle by looking at the compatibility section of the listing.

The Search for a product in our catalogue section allows you to choose a part (car and truck only) from eBay Motors parts catalogue. Most products are listed in the catalogue, making it easy for sellers to include compatibility information in listings.

To get started, go to the form to sell your item on eBay Motors, select ''Sell a vehicle or auto part'', and then follow the instructions for selling your item. If your product isn't in the catalogue, you can manually add compatibility information in the ''Specify Part Compatibility'' section.

Again, as explained by eBay, the key point with Compatibility Listing is: ''FEWER FEES, MORE DETAIL''

Below we have included some newly released eBay presentations and PDF's. These provide a detailed, step-by-step guide to processes, features and overwhelming benefits gained with this update:

Parts Compatibility Listings

eBay Motors Best Practices

This FAQ page provides an excellent step-by-step process guide for all Motor & Car Parts sellers