How to connect your Amazon Seller Account to Webinterpret

Learn how to grant Webinterpret access to your Amazon Seller Account for launching the Amazon Ads service. This service is currently available for our customers based in the UK and Germany.

Topics in this article:


Introduction to granting access

In order to set up and manage your advertising campaigns on Amazon, Webinterpret requires access to your Amazon Seller Account.

This can be done by sending an invitation and managing your user permissions from your Amazon account. The next section provides detailed step-by-step instructions for this process.


Connecting your Amazon Seller Account to Webinterpret

Part 1: Send the invitation to Webinterpret

1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account

2. Go to Settings, then User Permissions in the drop-down menu

3. Add a New Seller Central User

4. Enter the following user details:

Name: Webinterpret
Email address:


5. Click on the button Send Invitation

6. After the invitation has been sent, the inputted name and email (shown above) will appear in the Open Invitations field (in User Permissions)

7. Once Webinterpret has accepted the invitation, the inputted name (shown above) will appear in the Current Users table

By default, the user (Webinterpret) has no permission to view any of your data or perform any actions on your account until the invitation has been accepted (and they have been assigned to the account).


Photo: User Permissions in Amazon Seller Central


Part 2: Set up user permissions

Once Webinterpret has access to your Amazon Seller Account, the correct user permissions need to be selected and saved.

1. Click the Manage Permissions button in User Permissions (located beside the user Webinterpret)

2. Set up all of the following permissions (see screenshot below):


Inventory: View & Edit (for all)

Advertising: Admin (for all)

Orders: View (for all)

Reports: Admin (for all)

Note: If there have previously been no active ad campaigns and Webinterpret creates your first campaign, Amazon will ask the primary user Admin (the account owner) to confirm Webinterpret’s advertising rights again. To do this, the account Admin must click Advertising - Admin (for all).