FAQ for Promoted Listings Advanced

Promoted Listings Advanced FAQs:

How do I know which markets I should advertise in?

Through our advanced AI technology, Webinterpret assesses and selects the markets that show the most promise for increasing your sales.

Our AI assesses a market's potential based on its sales volume and subsequent conversion rates. The best choice you can make is to enable all markets offered through Promoted Listings Advanced and let Webinterpret decide which ones should run campaigns on.

Why do some of the enabled markets not have an active Promoted Listings Advanced campaign?

As mentioned above, Webinterpret evaluates each enabled market’s potential against your budget, and decides what the best campaign opportunity is for a successful outcome. If some of the markets you initially selected do not have an active Promoted listings Advanced campaign, it means that Webinterpret found that there was insignificant value in opening this market for advertising.

Which items will be promoted?

Webinterpret fetches your entire inventory and evaluates for the highest potential when deciding which items to promote (just as our AI does with markets). Thus, we select those items with the highest sales potential for promotion and exclude those with low potential.

Why do I see so many items and keywords being promoted?

Webinterpret's AI for Promoted Listings Advanced consists of two main phases:

  • Creation
  • Optimization

After identifying the potential across your various items and markets, we automatically set up campaigns that test a series of different advertising approaches. Testing must be done to collect data and verify success across different parameters in the form of item and keyword selection. This is why you will initially see many different combinations of items and keywords promoted at the onset of campaign creation. After a certain period of time, they will be refined and improved through the optimization phase.

How to change my initial settings for budget and enabled markets?

You can change your initial settings for budget and enabled markets directly from your Advertising Dashboard. See How to manage your daily budget for Promoted Listings Advanced for more information.

How do I end active campaigns?

You can end your active campaigns by closing or pausing the associated marketplace. See How to close markets for Promoted Listings.

Why are my campaign setting changes (made through the eBay Seller Hub) reverting back?

As mentioned above, our AI will not be able to detect changes made from the eBay Seller Hub. This includes ending campaigns, removing keywords, and other settings-related actions.

Webinterpret AI will likely overwrite the changes that you apply in your settings (if they are made directly through eBay), so please contact us directly for any change requests.