How to handle a return request

Learn about the returns process with Webinterpret Returns, from your buyer's initial request to checking its status in your Webinterpret Dashboard. Webinterpret Returns is entirely automated and included in your Webinterpret service plan.

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The return process

1. If your buyer initiates a remorse return, Webinterpret will automatically send a shipping label to them in their marketplace account (with customs documentation, if applicable). The entire process is automated so do not issue a return label yourself.

2. Keep track of all your returns (remorse and SNAD) from Returns in your Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard.

Under TYPE, the blue WI icon indicates a remorse return (i.e. Wrong size) covered by Webinterpret Returns. If the return is set against a blue background, the label has already been generated for your customer and the order is ready to be shipped back. If the return is set against a white background, the label is yet to be automatically generated.


A purple indicator represents a SNAD return (i.e Not as described) and is not covered by Webinterpret Returns.Webinterpret_-_returns__1_.png

3. Wait for the order to arrive back, inspect its condition and refund your buyer!


  • Any return without a WI icon under TYPE needs to be accepted manually through your marketplace account as it is not covered by the service.
  • You can keep track of your return's shipping status directly in eBay.
  • For international returns, label and customs documentation are provided to your buyer in their local language.
  • If you need to file a claim for an insufficient return (after inspecting the returned order), this needs to be done directly through eBay.


Good to know

  • The entire process is automated so don’t issue a return label yourself (ignore any prompts to do so from your marketplace account) and do not select the "Confirm you already sent a label" option in eBay.
  • Webinterpret covers the cost of remorse returns (for example, if an order was made by mistake)
  • Webinterpret does not cover the cost of SNAD (Significantly Not As Described) returns (for example, if an order was not as described in the listing description).
  • Webinterpret recommends applying 60-day free returns which is applied by default (as it has historically delivered the highest sales growth).
  • Your listings get better visibility in search results with the free returns tag and stand out when buyers use marketplace search filters (automatically applied by Webinterpret Returns).

See Frequently Asked Questions for more common service inquiries.

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