Managed Shipping Program: Overview

Learn about the Managed Shipping Program (previously the Sell More Program), our Webinterpret Shipping feature designed to help you achieve a higher sales conversion for your international Webinterpret listings. This article includes a general overview of the service including key information about service benefits, eligibility criteria, how to enroll and pricing.

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What is the Managed Shipping Program?


Webinterpret has combined the power of AI with shipping operations to help you achieve a higher sales conversion. Webinterpret's intelligent shipping options automatically set the most optimal shipping preferences on your listings and take care of routing, shipping label generation and updating tracking information.

Enable the Managed Shipping Program on your listings to ship easier, faster and sell more!


How it works:

1. Set shipping to your listings: Webinterpret sets the best shipping method for your listings and updates the cost in real time.

2. Import orders: Import orders directly from eBay and Amazon.

3. Print labels: Print shipping documentation in one click. All parcel parameters are automatically prefilled with the Managed Shipping AI.

4. Update tracking on sales channels: Webinterpret automatically sends tracking data to the original sales channel after your parcel has been dispatched.



You can use the Managed Shipping Program if you meet the following eligibility criteria:


Key benefits

Maximize your sales conversion: Competitive shipping options are intelligently added to your listings for achieving top visibility and sales, generating more international orders with a guaranteed optimal cost.

Unlock more listings for international shipping: Webinterpret can apply intelligent shipping options to unlock more items for listing on international marketplaces (i.e. listings that did not have an eligible international shipping method applied or no international shipping method altogether).

All your orders in one place: Orders received outside of the Managed Shipping Program can still be processed in the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard (look for the mS icon - Managed Shipping - to identify which orders came from the Managed Shipping Program).




How to enroll

1. From the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard, select the Managed Shipping Program page

2. Click Start now and follow the onboarding prompts




How much does the Managed Shipping Program cost?

Webinterpret Shipping and the Managed Shipping Program are available through the following pricing plan options:

  • Starter
  • Business
  • Performance

See Pricing plans for more information.


Shipping costs for orders placed through the Managed Shipping Program:

See 4.5.2 Terms of Use in our Terms and Conditions.

In brief, the seller should ship orders through the shipping option chosen by our Managed Shipping AI. Choosing an alternative shipping method will result in an additional fee. Webinterpret is committed to charging the same amount as set on the listing.


Shipping costs for orders not placed through the Managed Shipping Program:

The seller is responsible for paying the initial shipping quota (visible after filling in the weight, dimensions, customs category, Incoterms, handover option and insurance).

Note: The final invoice received by Webinterpret from the courier may contain further adjustments for which the seller will be responsible for covering.


Fulfilling ecommerce orders without the Managed Shipping Program

The Managed Shipping Program is a feature of Webinterpret Shipping (Webinterpret's shipping platform) and as such, the service is optional to use. Sellers are able to synchronize their orders from eBay and Amazon, as well as import their order files from other ecommerce management providers, and continue to purchase labels without opting into the program.

For more information about your full benefits with Webinterpret Shipping, see What is Webintepret Shipping?


Turning off the Managed Shipping Program

To turn off the Managed Shipping Program, contact our customer care team:

UK Support

US Support

Webinterpret will remove all of the intelligent Managed Shipping options created for your listings. If you had international delivery options set up prior to enrolling in the program, Webinterpret will restore these and revise your international listings accordingly.

Note: Some items may need to be relisted.

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