Promoting items through Webinterpret Marketing and/or on your own

Learn how to manage Promoted Listings campaigns entirely through Webinterpret Marketing, or through a combination of Webinterpret Marketing and on your own.

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How to manage Promoted Listings campaigns with Webinterpret only

Once you start using Promoted Listings Standard with Webinterpret to promote your items, you must end any original campaigns initiated outside of the Webinterpret Marketing service. Items on Promoted Listings Standard can only be promoted once.

If you do not end your open campaigns, Webinterpret will not be able to promote your items for you.

Note: Do not use the pause option, as your campaigns will still contain these items and they will not be available for promotion.

Webinterpret has enabled an option you can select during the onboarding process to allow us to end any existing campaigns on your behalf. This is the quickest way to ensure your campaigns are able to go live:


You can deactivate this option at any time in Settings:



How to end your active campaigns on eBay:
In eBay, go to your Seller Hub and open the Advertising dashboard. You will be able to see a list of your campaigns at the bottom of the page. Click Edit beside the campaign to open a dropdown menu. Click the End option.



How to manage Promoted Listings campaigns with Webinterpret and on your own

Promoted Listings Standard:

You can continue to run Promoted Listings Standard campaigns with Webinterpret and on your own, however, you need to make sure not to promote your entire inventory. Promoting your entire inventory will cause overlap between the two sources, and we will not be able to successfully launch any campaigns.

Promoted Listings Advanced:

Items can be in multiple campaigns at the same time. In the case they are promoted for the same keyword, eBay peaks the ad with the highest bid.


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