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In this article, you will learn about postponed items. You will find out why some of your items are not listing, what might be the possible reasons and what you can do when you encounter listing problems.

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Why are my items not listing? 

Sometimes items are not listing due to technical limitations beyond our control.

Additionally, international markets on eBay may have different structures or requirements. All of that can generate potential disruptions with listing, however one of the most common reasons for postponed items is category complications. 

Possible reason: your item is stuck on a category level

In some international markets, certain categories may be extensive and have many subcategories, in others - quite the opposite.

For example, a coffee table will have a different category depending on what material it’s made of, what function it performs or what period it comes from. On the other hand, in countries where coffee drinking is less popular, the "coffee table" category doesn’t exist at all or has no subcategories.

In certain markets, listings with category variations are allowed, in others such listings are not supported and will not go live. 

It’s also possible that the "dispatch time" option is supported in one country and not supported in another, so this information will not appear on the listing.

If the category tree is not reflected 1:1, it may not be possible to list an item, because listing in the wrong category can be considered an offense against eBay rules. 

What should I do if my items are not listing? 

If you think that some of your items have listing problems, contact Webinterpret support and our agents will try to find a solution. 

NOTE: if your items are not listed because they are stuck on a category level, the category will update and the listing will be published.

We revise all categories from time to time and, if possible, publish items in the most appropriate place for them. 

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