How to opt out of Webinterpret Returns

Learn how to opt out of Webinterpret Returns for your international and domestic eBay listings. Webinterpret Returns is included in Webinterpret pricing plans and can be re-activated at any time.

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Before you leave

Offering free returns on your international and domestic listings is a proven method for increasing your buyers’ satisfaction and their commitment to your store. As a result, it actively boosts sales. Our sellers see an average of 5-6% GMV growth when Webinterpret Returns is activated.

Enabling free returns also enhances your items' visibility as many buyers use marketplace search filters to find their desired items (free returns is a leading search filter on eBay).

Webinterpret Returns is included in your Webintepret plan (unless you are on one of our legacy plans). There is no additional cost on your part.

Note: Webinterpret intentionally sets up seller-paid return policies (free returns) on your listings to incentivize purchases. We still cover the costs associated with remorse returns.

If you still want to opt out of the service, you can learn more in the next section.


How to opt out of Webinterpret Returns

To stop using Webinterpret Returns, contact our support team.

There are two ways:

1. Submit a ticket

2. Talk to one of our agents through live chat

These options are available from our contact page or in our Help Center. There is also a contact widget available from your Webinterpret Dashboard.