How to opt out of Webinterpret Returns

In this article, you will learn about the necessary steps to take when you want to stop using our free International Returns Service. 

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International Returns Service - important information

Offering Free Returns is proven to increase buyers’ satisfaction and boost your sales (our data shows an average of 5-6% increase in GMV). It also enhances your items' visibility, since a lot of buyers filter items based on whether free returns are offered.

This service is included in your subscription (unless you are on one of our legacy plans). You might see a seller pays” information on your listings, however Webinterpret still covers the costs associated with the returns of the items.

There’s no cost on your part and the International Returns Service is completely free.

If you still want to opt out, here’s how.

How to opt out of the International Returns Service - step by step

In order to stop using the Webinterpret Returns service, you have to contact our Support team

You can choose one of two ways:

1. Submit a ticket or

2. Talk to one of our agents through Chat.

You will find those two options in our Contact page on the website or in our Help Center

Alternatively, a Contact widget will be visible in your Webinterpret Dashboard. 

Our agents will then guide you through the rest of the process. 

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