How to connect your Royal Mail business account to Webinterpret Shipping

This article explains how to connect your Royal Mail business account to Webinterpret Shipping, including how to print a manifest document and basic connection troubleshooting FAQs. Webinterpret recommends applying competitive shipping rates through the Managed Shipping Program, but sellers have the option to connect their Royal Mail courier contract and access their own customized rates.

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Connecting your Royal Mail account

The Royal Mail Online Business Account (OBA) allows sellers to manage and pay their bills for Royal Mail services online.

If you have already registered and created an account with Royal Mail OBA, you can authorize Webinterpret Shipping to fetch your list of services and create labels for your shipments.

How to connect your OBA to Webinterpret:

1. From the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard, click SettingsIntegrations > Couriers.

2. In Couriers, you will see a list of available courier options. Select Royal Mail.

3. A form will appear, requesting information that is required to authenticate access to OBA. This includes your Royal Mail Account Number, your Online Business Account email, and the Posting Location.

Note: You must provide the same information that was used during OBA registration. Any errors may lead to Royal Mail declining the connection attempt.Webinterpret_Royal_Mail_connection_form.png

4. After the form is submitted, the information will be sent to a Royal Mail representative for validation. This process takes approximately 2-3 business days. In the event that you face an error, please refer to Connection troubleshooting: FAQs below.



Once the verification process is complete, you will be able to ship with Royal Mail services from the checkout page.



Printing a manifest

A manifest is official dispatch documentation that is required for the collection and distribution of parcels. It contains a list of parcels being shipped with general information about the seller and the courier. The manifest constitutes the basis for all label fees that are posted to sellers’ Royal Mail invoices.

How to print a manifest

After connecting your Royal Mail OBA, you will see the following information in the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard:


Note: The manifest must be printed before parcels are collected. Any label(s) printed after your daily collection will be automatically manifested by Royal Mail. The corresponding manifest file will then be available through the Royal Mail interface only. For more information about manifesting from Royal Mail, visit their Manifesting page.


Connection troubleshooting: FAQs

How do I obtain an OBA?

Please refer to this page from Royal Mail to learn how to create an OBA.

What if I see an “Oops, something went wrong” message while connecting Royal Mail OBA to Webinterpret?

Please contact our support team for assistance:

UK Support

US Support

What if I don’t see my Royal Mail shipping discount?

Discounted or customized Royal Mail rates that have been stipulated by your contract will not be visible from the Webinterpret checkout page. To review the actual cost of your labels, you will need to refer to your Royal Mail invoice.

How do I disconnect Royal Mail OBA from Webinterpret?

Please contact our support team:

UK Support

US Support


Royal Mail invoicing

Invoicing for shipments created through your Royal Mail contract is issued by Royal Mail directly. If you have any questions related to your Royal Mail invoicing, please contact Royal Mail Support.

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