How to connect your Amazon store to Webinterpret Shipping

This article explains how to connect and disconnect your Amazon store, how to synchronize your orders, as well as how to apply filters to your Amazon orders in the Webinterpret Shipping dashboard.

Topics in this article:

You can now connect your ecommerce stores directly to Webinterpret Shipping. This allows you to:

  1. Sync unfulfilled orders from Amazon to your Webinterpret dashboard.
  2. Choose a preferable courier and order a collection.
  3. Webinterpret will mark the order as fulfilled upon label generation and send Amazon the tracking number.

How to connect your Amazon store

Navigate to the Platforms menu tab and select to add a new platform - Amazon. You will be redirected to Amazon seller central where you will be prompted to enter your store credentials and authorize Webinterpret.

Watch this video to learn how to connect your Amazon Token

How to disconnect your Amazon store

In order to disconnect your token please go to the Amazon seller central and select your account. Navigate to the Partner Network bottom and and select Disable your Webinterpret App name. Once disconnected, please open your Webinterpret Shipping account and check the status of the Amazon platform if you have selected to disconnect. Your Token should appear as Broken. You can also reconnect your Token by clicking on the Reconnect your token button on the right side of your dashboard.

Watch this video to learn how to disconnect your Amazon Token

How to sync your orders

Your unfulfilled orders will be automatically synchronized from Amazon to Webinterpret dashboard. This will display under the New Orders tab with the Amazon logo. Please keep in mind that the synchronization takes place every 15 minutes.


How to filter out your Amazon orders

Please navigate to your Webinterpret Shipping dashboard. Your Amazon orders will be displayed under the Shipments bottom with your eBay orders. You can scroll down and select preferable orders to dispatch. Once selected, please filter by clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen. Choose Amazon as the platform where you want to apply your filters to and use the settings configuration options. You will now see all your orders filtered out.

Watch this video to learn more about how to filter out your Amazon orders

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