Connecting Amazon to Webinterpret Shipping

Learn how to connect and disconnect your Amazon store from Webinterpret Shipping (using Amazon Seller Central) and how to synchronize and filter your Amazon orders in the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard.

Topics in this article:


Connecting your Amazon store

1. Log in to the Webinterpret Dashboard and click on Shipping at the top of the Dashboard

2. Click on Platforms at the top of the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard and select Amazon

3. You will be redirected to Amazon Seller Central where you will be prompted to enter your store credentials and authorize Webinterpret


Disconnecting your Amazon store

1. Log in to Amazon Seller Central and navigate to the Partner Network at the bottom of the page

2. Select Manage your apps

3. Click Disable beside the App name WEBINTERPRET

4. Log in to the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard and check the status next to Amazon. If you have successfully disabled Amazon, your Amazon Token will appear as Broken.

Note: You can reconnect your Token by clicking Reconnect token next to the platform name.


How to sync your Amazon orders

Your unfulfilled Amazon orders will automatically be synchronized in Shipments. They are identifiable by the Amazon marketplace logo in the MARKETPLACE column.

Note: Synchronization occurs every 15 minutes.



How to filter your Amazon orders

1. From Shipments, click Filters on the top right corner of the page

2. Click Platforms and select Amazon (along with any other specifications you wish to include)

3. Click the Filter button to confirm your choice