How to sign up for Promoted Listings Advanced

Learn how to sign up for Promoted Listings Advanced, available for eBay sellers. Promoted Listings Advanced is available for your international (Webinterpret) and domestic listings.

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Connecting your marketplace account to Promoted Listings Advanced

If you are eligible to use Promoted Listings Advanced, sign up through the form at the top of the landing page: Sign up for Webinterpret Promoted Listings Advanced.

To check your eligibility for Promoted Listings Advanced, see Eligible countries and criteria for Promoted Listings.


Next steps

Once our team has activated the service for you, Webinterpret will launch your Promoted Listings Advanced experience in your specified market(s) by selecting the best converting items, and create campaigns with the most optimal keywords and bids.

Campaign performance will be shared and optimized based on your individual performance.

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