How to import your orders via CSV upload

In this article you will find out about our Import Order feature that allows you to upload CSV files with orders form a variety of sources. You will learn how to prepare your import file, upload it to the Webinterpret Dashboard, resolve data issues, import orders from Shopify and WooCommerce with Webinterpret, as well as how to import more than one file. 

Topics in this article:

You can also watch this video to learn how to import orders via CSV upload using our Shipping dashboard

How to prepare the import file

Are you selling with Shopify or WooCommerce? Get the order file straight from the platform.

Selling on other platforms? Use our CSV file to import your orders. Please download the sample.csv template with guidelines. It can also be accessed through the WeiInterpret shipping dashboard. For further information, please refer to the section How to upload orders to Webinterpret.

How to upload orders to Webinterpret

Few steps are required:

1. On the Webinterpret Shipping dashboard, click the Import orders button.2022-07-04_11_43_12-Settings.png

2. You will now see the sidebar where you’ll be asked to drag & drop your file or click the Select File button.2022-07-04_12_06_30-Webinterpret_-_shipping__1_.png

3. Upon browsing a file from your desktop, select a sample.csv template and follow the data format guidelines. At this point, it is important to note that the system only supports csv (values separated by comma) files.2022-07-04_12_07_14-wi_orders_file_-_Google_Sheets__1_.png

4. Once you choose the file that should be uploaded, you will see a progress screen.2022-07-04_12_08_09-Webinterpret_-_shipping__1_.png

5. Importing file will state the number of orders that were successfully uploaded and those that have failed to upload. To resolve any issues, refer to the How to resolve data issues section.2022-07-04_12_09_24-Webinterpret_-_shipping__1_.png

All of your successfully uploaded orders will appear on the New Orders tab with an “orders import” icon.

Would you like to upload more files? Refer to the How to import more than one file section for more details.

How to resolve data issues

Sometimes your order data may not be uploaded due to various reasons. After each order is imported, you will see a summary of successfully uploaded shipments as well as shipments that have failed to upload. There will also be a file that can be downloaded with all orders that have errors. You can simply download the file on your PC and follow the instructions on the file that states “fix the data”. Once completed, you can drag and drop this file or browse the same way as described in the How to upload orders to Webinterpret.

What if I use Shopify Or WooCommerce

If you use any of these ecommerce platforms, you may simply export the orders by following the guidelines, drag and drop this file or browse the same way as described in the How to upload orders to Webinterpret section.

How to import more than one file

Once you have completed downloading a file, you will see the Select Current File button. This means that you can upload another file by following the steps described in the How to upload orders to Webinterpret section.

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