eBay policy (or VeRO keyword) breach prevention

In this article you will learn about the eBay Policy (or VeRo Keyword) Breach Prevention. Here you will find out what the policy entails and how to proceed if you receive a policy violation. 

Topics in this article:

eBay's VeRo policy - general information

Different eBay marketplaces have their own set of standard policies and Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) policies that must be adhered to by all sellers. WebInterpret proactively blocks items from being listed internationally that may breach either of these policies.

If your listings are blocked due to eBay policy (or VeRO keyword) breach prevention, this means that your items could:

  • breach one of eBay’s selling policies (for example, they use a prohibited term such as police, knife, gun, ivory, or fur)
  • infringe eBay’s VeRO policy (for example, they do not own the corresponding intellectual property rights for selling branded products such as Prada or Eames)

Blocking items by Webinterpret

Webinterpret’s decision to block items for this reason are a safety measurement and are made based on flagged keywords found in listing titles. This means that they may not have breached either of the above policies. For example, listings containing the keywords police or fur will be blocked, but sellers can sell items such as police uniform Halloween costumes or faux fur.

Contact us for a complete list of your affected items. If you determine they do not breach either of the above policies, WebInterpret can unblock the affected items.

eBay's VeRo policy violation

If your listings are blocked due to eBay policy (or VeRO keyword) violation, this means that your items may contain improper words, or the listing and/or seller may be in violation of an eBay policy.

Make sure to check your eBay messages for any communication from eBay regarding this matter. If you have not received any communication from eBay, get in touch with them to determine what your options are.