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In this article you will find out what it means if you listing is blocked due to Ended on eBay. You will learn what might be the reasons for this and how you can prevent items from being listed. 

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Ended on eBay - reasons

If your listings are blocked due to Ended on eBay, this means that the original listings were ended on your domestic eBay marketplace. Webinterpret’s algorithm detects all ended original listings and automatically prevents them from being localized for international listing.

In most cases, this is due to one of the following reasons:

  • The listings were ended manually on eBay by the seller
  • The listings were ended by eBay

Preventing items from being listed

If there are listings that you do not want to be listed only on international eBay marketplaces, you can prevent them from being listed from the Webinterpret Dashboard.

Note: If the listings were not ended manually on eBay by the seller, it is likely they were ended by eBay. This eBay article explains why your listing(s) may have been removed and how to get them relisted. Make sure to check your eBay messages for any communication from eBay regarding this matter.

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