How to sign up for Webinterpret Shipping

Learn how to sign up for Webinterpret Shipping. Webinterpret Shipping is available to use for eBay and Amazon, and supports manual order import for more ecommerce management providers.

Topics in this article:


Introduction: Account synchronization

To start using Webinterpret Shipping, Webinterpret needs to connect with your marketplace platform (eBay and/or Amazon). This is done by connecting your marketplace token, which will allow Webinterpret to synchronize, track and display your orders in the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard.

Linking your token to Webinterpet Shipping provides a stable connection between the two systems and ensures all of your information remains synchronized.

Note: Linking your Token is only required once during account setup.


Connecting your marketplace account to Webinterpret Shipping

1. Log in to your Webinterpret Dashboard

2. Click Shipping at the top of the Dashboard

3. Accept the UPS Tariff / Terms and Conditions of Service

4. Enter your pick-up address and select additional UPS options that you would like to apply (see Additional options for more information)


5. Select your marketplace platform and link your token

6. Click Settings at the top of the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard and input any remaining details (such as return address and EORI number).

Shipping Settings.jpg

Note: Once your token has been connected, you can modify your address preferences and customize additional settings at any time.


Congratulations! You have successfully set up Webinterpret Shipping 🎉