What is Webinterpret Returns?

Learn about Webinterpret Returns and its key benefits for increasing buyer confidence, controlling your return costs and improving your listings' checkout potential. Webinterpret Returns is available for international and domestic listings on eBay.

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What is Webinterpret Returns?

Webinterpret Returns is Webinterpret's automated free returns service available for international and domestic listings. If a buyer initiates a remorse return within a listing's specified return window, Webinterpret automatically sends them a return shipping label directly through their marketplace account.

Offering free returns encourage your buyers to purchase your items, builds trust, incentivizes further purchases and controls your return costs.

This service is included in Webinterpret pricing plans and is activated by default. See How to sign up for Webinterpret Returns for more information.


How Webinterpret Returns works:

1. Return request: Your buyer initiates a return request on eBay within 60 days (60-day return policies are set up by default for maximum buyer satisfaction and checkout potential).

2. Automated shipping and customs documentation: Webinterpret processes the request and automatically sends the applicable shipping and customs documentation to your buyer (in their local language).

3. Buyer returns the order: Your buyer prints the shipping and customs documentation and drops their parcel off at a local drop-off point (or arranges for collection by courier).

4. Receive and inspect the return: Inspect the returned order and issue the corresponding refund.


What this means for your listings:

1. Webinterpret updates your listings' return policies to include seller-paid free returns (known to your buyers as "free" returns) for a duration of 60 days. This provides an optimal experience for your buyer and incentivizes further sales.

2. Webinterpret processes and pays for remorse return shipping labels. Remorse return costs are covered by Webinterpret and the entire process is automated.


Key benefits

Build buyer confidence and increase sales: Receive more positive feedback through buyer-friendly return policies, increase your inventory visibility and grow the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Control your return costs: Webinterpret Returns is included in all Webinterpret pricing plans. We cover international and domestic return shipping costs and provide free return shipping labels for remorse returns.

Returns for international and domestic listings: Provide fully insured deliveries with managed customs paperwork, provided to the buyer in their local language.

Effortless and fully automated: Webinterpret automatically sends your buyer a return shipping label directly through their eBay marketplace account. All you have to do is inspect the order's condition once it's returned and issue a refund.


Key features

Intelligent return settings: Rely on efficiently-set return settings based on item price, sales history and location.

Automated return management: Automatically handle your incoming return requests, including automated refunds and label issuance.

Multi-language buyer communication: Language is not a barrier: respond to your international buyers directly in their local language.

Return dashboard: Monitor and manage your return requests from one single interface.

Reverse charge management: Automated reverse charges are applied so you won’t be double charged when an item is returned.

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