An introduction to the Webinterpret Returns Service

In this article we will introduce you to our Webinterpret Returns Service. You will learn about our new product as well as the benefits, key features, how it works and the way you can get started.

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What is the Webinterpret Returns Service?

An intelligent Returns solution for your domestic and international listings. A fully automated service to help build your buyer's confidence, control your return costs and increase your sales.

The Benefits

We manage return policies on your domestic and international listings to keep your return cost predictable while providing free returns and a streamlined customer experience.

Webinterpret Returns Service gives you a solution to:

  • Control return costs on your domestic and international listings

Ensure your return costs are under control as we only charge you a single fixed percentage of your GMV set upfront. Depending on your package, we will cover domestic & international return shipping costs and provide return shipping labels.

  • Build buyer confidence and increase sales

Receive more positive feedback through buyer-friendly return policies, increase your inventory visibility and repeat purchases.

  • Offer domestic and international returns

Provide international and domestic returns with fully insured deliveries, managed customs paperwork, and conveniently located drop-off points. Just enroll in the program and we'll take care of everything for you.

Key Features

Webinterpret Returns Service provides you with a variety of tools to help you increase your buyer's confidence, rank higher and boost your sales. We offer:

  • Increased buyer confidence and increased sales

Get more positive reviews with free returns, increase your inventory visibility and get repeat purchases.

  • Automated return management

Automatically process and handle your returns, including the issuing of labels and automatic refunds.

  • Multi-language buyer communication

Language is not an obstacle: we will respond to your international customers directly in their local language.

  • Return dashboard

Monitor and manage your return requests from one single interface.

How Does It Work?

  • First , your buyer creates a return request.
  • Webinterpret processes the return request and automatically sends the applicable shipping and customs documents.
  • Your buyer prints the shipping and customs documents and drops his parcel off at a local drop-off point or collects it by a courier.
  • Lastly, Webinterpret automatically approves the refund for your buyer or waits for you to inspect the returned product.

How to Get Started

Deliver an exceptional care and service that meets your buyer’s expectations, while controlling return costs. Book a demo with a Webinterpret expert to enable the program today!


  • Webinterpret Returns Service is available for eBay marketplace only. 

Please note that Significantly-Not-As-Described (SNAD) return requests are not covered by this program. Webinterpret reserves the right to not offer free returns on listings that are low priced or whose shipping cost is higher compared to the product price.

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