Orders with the Webinterpret Shipping delivery selected

In this article you will find information on orders with the Webinterpret Shipping delivery selected. You will learn what the feature offers and how it can simplify the process of international delivery. 

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Webinterpret Shipping delivery - overview

Webinterpret's goal is to increase your international sales and using our shipping solution is one of the factors that can have a great influence on that.

We know how important it is to offer multiple delivery options to buyers across the world as this not only gives them bigger choices but also helps with increasing conversion as well as influences the eBay algorithm.

With that being said, if you decide to use our solution, then we can easily add our shipping options on top of yours on the international listings we create for your shop.

If the buyer chooses our shipping option from your listings, such orders will be marked accordingly in the Dashboard of the shipping platform:


The order marked as such comes with the prefilled dimensions, weight, and category to make the dispatching process even faster and more efficient:


Such order requires only 2 clicks and all the necessary documentation is available, allowing to prepare the parcel for pickup/drop off.

Webinterpret is also sending notifications about such orders so that you won't miss any of them and are able to contact us back in case of concerns.

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