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Webinterpret Returns FAQs:


How do I know if a label is generated and sent to my customer?

Labels are automatically generated following a remorse return request that adheres to your return policy.

From Returns in the Webinterpret Dashboard, you can view all of your return requests and their corresponding status. Remorse returns handled by Webinterpret appear in blue. Webinterpret_-_returns.png

How can I track these returns?

Tracking information is uploaded directly to eBay.

Are refunds issued automatically once a return is delivered? What if the order comes back damaged or contains a different product?

Refunds are issued manually by the seller once they have received and inspected the product. As per eBay's return policy, sellers can refund less than the full amount if the product is in worse condition than when it was sent. Sellers can also escalate cases to eBay when the buyer has returned a different or damaged product. The escalation process can be done directly from eBay's return page.

What are remorse and SNAD returns?

Remorse returns are returns where the buyer has changed their mind about a purchased product or service. The seller has little to no influence over the return decision. Common reasons for remorse returns on eBay include:

  • Ordered by mistake
  • Don’t like it
  • Changed my mind
  • Doesn’t fit
  • Found a better price

SNAD (Seller Not As Described) returns are returns based on misleading or insufficient descriptions of the product or service. Common reasons for SNAD returns on eBay include:

  • Arrived damaged
  • Missing parts or pieces
  • Item is defective
  • Received wrong item
  • Doesn’t match description or photos

Which return type is covered by Webinterpret Returns?

Webinterpret covers the cost of remorse returns only. The reason for the return is provided by the buyer on eBay when they open a return request.

Which products are not covered by Webinterpret Returns?

  • Used products
  • Products costing more than $1000 / 1000

Webinterpret reserves the right not to offer free returns on listings that are low-priced or whose shipping cost is higher than the product price.

What are the most common reasons for returns?

  • Faulty or damaged orders
  • Item not as described
  • Poor quality
  • Ordered more than one of the same item
  • Issues with delivery
  • Refusal of delivery

SNAD returns are preventable, so make sure to ship items as described and package them securely!

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