Claim procedure for lost or damaged parcels

Learn about the claim procedure for a defect delivery including how to file a claim and the timeframes you need to be aware of.

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How to file a claim for defect delivery

In order to start the claims process (for lost and/or damaged parcels) please use our webform for UK Support or US Support.

Include the following information in your outreach:

  • Proof of damages (i.e. photos)
  • Invoice that includes the full value of the parcel (item price + shipping cost)
  • Proof of correspondence from your buyer (relating to the nature of the claim)
  • Waybill number and order reference

Note: In the case of damaged parcels, the buyer should be in possession of the product until the claim has been fully resolved.

The case will be reviewed by our team, along with the courier, based on the proof provided and an internal investigation done by the courier company.

Reviews can take 5-7 business days and can be extended by an additional 3 days in the case of missing documents.

Payment will be sent to the Webinterpret account holder if the claim is accepted.


Claim timeframes

Time to apply: 90 calendar days from the date the order was shipped

Lost parcels: 20 calendar days for domestic deliveries and 30 calendar days for international deliveries

Damaged products: Claim immediately


Possible reasons for claim denial

Claims may be denied by the courier due to a variety of reasons, some of which include:

  • Insufficiently packed or wrapped products that could not allow for undamaged delivery based on the courier's packing requirements
  • No label or packaging description that includes the actual content of the shipment
  • Any shipment that includes personal belongings of the employer or an employee

After the claim has been reviewed and accepted, Webinterpret will compensate you for the loss by reimbursing the funds to your PayPal account or through an invoice adjustment. The invoice adjustment will reflect as a credit on your next billing cycle.

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