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Checking traffic to your localized stores from within your Google Analytics account

For any retailer, Google Analytics is the central tool enabling them to check the performance of their ecommerce site(s).

The instructions below provide you with a step by step guide, enabling you to track all traffic created by Webinterpret and directed to your localized stores. All this, directly within your Google Analytics account.

Follow this step by step guide and all Webinterpret created traffic will be displayed:

Step 1:  Log in to your Google Analytics account

Step 2:  Within your Google Analytics account, select Audience


Step 3:  Within Audience, select Technology

Step 4:  Within Technology, select Network


Step 5:  Select Hostname


Now the Webinterpret created traffic will be available for you to view. The traffic for those sites localized by WebInterpret will display separately for each specific locale.

As of now, sales conversions are not included within these analytics. Development to include conversion tracking is ongoing and will be added at a later stage (as soon as this is available we will notify you immediately). In the meantime, you can monitor and check the performance of your localized stores within your WebInterpret Seller User Interface (SUI).


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