Linking a token for connection between Webinterpret and your ecommerce selling platform

In order to start using our Shipping Solution and sending internationally with us, we require a stable connection with your selling platform.

This can be done by linking a token that will allow us to synchronize your orders and show them in our Seller User Interface.


The process of linking said token can be found below:


1. Log in to your Webinterpret Seller User Interface.


2. Open a new tab in your browser and type ""


3. Accept our Shipping Terms and Conditions and choose eBay as a platform:




4. Please log in using your eBay credentials or log in details to your account at Webinterpret:


5. You will be informed that the token has been linked succesfully.


6. After that, please go to the "Settings" tab and add your default pickup/return address:





 After that, the team configures your account and get's back to you once the shipping services will be added.


Note: Linking token is required only when setting up the account for the first time.



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