Linking a Token for connection between Webinterpret and your ecommerce selling platform

This article explains how to link a token to ensure a stable connection between Webinterpret and your chosen ecommerce platform.

Topics in this article:

Linking a Token - introduction

In order to start using our Shipping Solution and sending internationally with us, we require a stable connection with your selling platform.

This can be done by linking a token that will allow us to synchronize your orders and show them in our Dashboard.

Linking a Token - step by step

The process of linking said token can be found below:

1. Log in to your Webinterpret Dashboard.

2. Open a new tab in your browser and type ""

3. Accept our Shipping Terms and Conditions and choose eBay as a platform:


4. Please log in using your eBay credentials or log in details to your account at WebInterpret:

5. You will be informed that the token has been linked successfully.

6. After that, please go to the "Settings" tab and add your default pickup/return address:


After that, the team configures your account and get's back to you once the shipping services will be added.

Please note that linking the Token is required only when setting up the account for the first time. 

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