What is Webinterpret Shipping?

Learn about Webinterpret Shipping and its key benefits for managing, editing and dispatching your international and domestic orders. This article also introduces information about the Managed Shipping Program (Webinterpret's AI-based shipping feature that automates your shipping preferences for optimal sales results) and our shipping integration with UPS.

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What is Webinterpret Shipping?

Webinterpret Shipping is Webinterpret's shipping platform, designed to support your international and domestic shipping. Webinterpret Shipping streamlines your logistics while providing competitive rates for your buyers to make shipping quicker, affordable and more profitable. It’s especially useful if you already list internationally with us.

With Webinterpret Shipping, you can:

  • Access intelligently set shipping options with the Managed Shipping Program
  • Access a large portfolio of international services for U.S. and U.K. exports through our UPS shipping integration
  • Manage, edit and process your paid orders from eBay and Amazon
  • Manually import orders from more ecommerce management providers


Key benefits

We know international shipping can be expensive and time-consuming. Webinterpret Shipping and the Managed Shipping Program have been designed to ease these hurdles with the following benefits.

Maximize your sales with the Managed Shipping Program: We combined the power of AI and shipping operations to help you achieve a higher sales conversion through intelligent shipping options. With the Managed Shipping Program, Webinterpret automatically sets the most optimal shipping preferences on your listings and takes care of routing, shipping label generation and updated tracking information.

Integration with UPS: Your customers want more shipping options at affordable rates, and Webinterpret Shipping can provide both thanks to UPS. Enjoy up to 82% off UPS international service from the U.S. on eligible packages, ensuring significant savings for your business. For more information, see Webinterpret Shipping: UPS shipping integration.

Cross-border shipping made easy: Make your international cross-border shipping experience the simplest it can be. Send your parcels overseas with peace of mind using our full suite of export tools and integration with UPS. Webinterpret Shipping allows for fast and profitable delivery to destinations worldwide.

All your orders in one place: Keep your shipping process under control with the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard. Manage your orders across multiple sales channels and check in on real-time parcel updates.


Key features

Intelligent shipping options (Managed Shipping Program): Turn your shipping on autopilot and let Webinterpret add competitive shipping options from UPS directly to your listings.

Multi-channel order management: Streamline your order management and connect to multiple ecommerce sales channels, with tracking information sent back to your original sales channel.

Managed taxes and duties: Automate the handling of your HTS code classification, duties and taxes and customs documentation.

Automated shipping tools: Save additional time and cost with fully automated shipping label creation, customs documentation and weight autofill powered by our AI-driven Weight Estimator.