Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard: Overview

Learn about the key settings available from the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard: Shipments, Returns, Managed Shipping Program and Settings.

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The Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard allows you to easily manage and dispatch your international and domestic shipments to your buyers. Speed up your shipping fulfillment time with Webinterpret Shipping's intuitive user interface, especially if you are already listing internationally with Webinterpret.

From the top of the Webinterpret Shipping Dashboard, you can access your shipments, returns, settings for the Managed Shipping Program and general Webinterpret Shipping settings all from one place.




From Shipments, you will find all of your paid orders that are ready to be shipped.

Shipments are organized by their status in the shipping process:

  • New
  • Processing
  • Dispatched
  • Failed


Information is categorized in these tabs by:

  • MARKETPLACE: Platform on which the purchase was made
  • BUYER NAME: Username of the buyer who placed the order
  • NO. OF ORDERED ITEMS: How many products have been ordered by the buyer
  • ORDER DATE: Date that the order was made
  • ORDER PRICE: Amount paid for by the buyer (goods + shipping cost)
  • DESTINATION COUNTRY: Country of buyer origin (where the order will be shipped)
  • SHIPPING DETAILS: Courier used to deliver the order

Additional information available from Dispatched includes:

  • Tracking number: Reference used to identify and trace shipments as they move to their destination
  • Status: Current standing of the order based on the tracking information



Visit the Returns category for information about Returns.


Managed Shipping Program

Visit the Managed Shipping Program section for information about Managed Shipping Program.



Visit the Settings section for more information about Settings.

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