Overview of the shipping solution interface


Webinterpret offers an easy-to-use user interface where you can easily manage and dispatch your international shipments to buyers around the world. This can make a crucial difference when expanding your business worldwide as you can review/edit/dispatch international orders with just a few clicks

On the main page of the Webinterpret Shipping Solution you will find all your shipments for which the buyers have already paid:


On this site, you will see all the details regarding each shipment such as:


  • Sale site/Marketplace - Platform on which the purchase was made
  • Order - Username of the buyer who placed the order
  • Ordered items - How many products have been ordered by the customer
  • Order Price - The amount paid for the items as well as the shipping service
  • Destination country - country of seller origin to which the order will be shipped
  • Shipping details - Courier and the service used to deliver the goods
  • Tracking number - Reference used to identify and trace shipments as they move to their destination
  • Status - Current standing of the order based on the tracking information


Additionally, this page allows you to filter between New orders, Processing, and Dispatched to easily manage all shipments in the SUI:


This allows you to swiftly change between the order statuses and manage them in one place!


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