Pay As you Go - expanding international marketplaces in 2021

This article provides information about the Pay As You Go Plan. Here you will learn answers to some questions you might have about the plan 

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2021 is going to offer an abundance of opportunities and options for the expansion of your eBay Business. To make these opportunities a reality, we are providing a gateway to listing opportunities in great new Marketplaces.

For our Pay As You Go subscribers, this opportunity provides insertion fee free listings in Ireland, Canada, Austria & Belgium.

Why should I list on these new marketplaces? 

Ireland: Offers a huge opportunity for ecommerce sellers, with an online marketplace projected to reach annual sales of $3811 million in 2021.

Canada: 92% of Canada's population are online users. That provides a marketplace of 33 million potential customers.

Austria: Another marketplace with huge potential in the ecommerce sector, with expected online customers reaching 80.5% of the population by 2025.

Belgium: A marketplace offering an annual (year on year 2021-2025) growth rate of 4.6%, with opportunities for all International sellers.

Why have these markets become available?

We’d like to give our sellers even more opportunities to boost their online sales, by listing their items on ecommerce strong international markets: Ireland, Canada, Austria, and Belgium.

I want to list on the new marketplaces, what are the next steps?

As of February 22nd, we will automatically add listings to both Ireland & Canada (again, only insertion fee free).

To launch into the Austria & Belgium marketplaces, log into your Dashboard, go to Country Usage and add these to your International markets.

If you do not wish to automatically open these markets in Ireland & Canada, please let us know here.

What are the benefits of opening these marketplaces?

Insertion fee free listings in great new marketplaces offers a huge potential to expand your eBay store and attract a whole new range of customers. International business at the beginning of 2021 has been concerned about the impact of UK trade due to Brexit, however, by adding these 4 new marketplaces to your International listings, you can offer your products and business to a huge new potential audience. Listing on multiple markets could give you a sales uplift of up to 5%!

If you are not currently using our eBay, Amazon, or Cdiscount services or wish to upgrade from our Trial plan to a full subscription, please contact our Support team to arrange a demo and introduction to our services.

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