How to open and close marketplaces for Promoted Listings Standard

Learn how to open, close and reopen marketplaces on Promoted Listings Standard from the Webinterpret Dashboard.

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How to open marketplaces

1. Log into your Webinterpret Dashboard. Click Marketing, then Settings. The list of available marketplaces for Promoted Listings Standard will be shown below.

2. Click Open and accept the Terms and Conditions for each marketplace you a) are already listing in (for international and domestic marketplaces) and b) would like to promote in.


3. Once your marketplaces have been opened, campaigns will be launched within 24-48 hours.

Note: To review the process for selecting your campaign ad rates (costs), see How to manage your Promoted Listings Standard ad rate.


How to close marketplaces

1. From the same page, click ACTION, then CLOSE THIS MARKET.

2. Promoted Listings Standard campaigns will be ended for the market (alternatively, you can choose CLOSE ALL MARKETS which will end campaigns for every market that has been activated).


Note: You also have the option of pausing campaigns per marketplace on a temporary basis (PAUSE THIS MARKET). This enables you to have full control over which marketplaces you wish to focus on.


How to reopen marketplaces

To reopen a previously closed marketplace, follow the same process you would for opening a brand new marketplace campaign: click ACTION and a message will appear confirming your choice to reopen the respective market.

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