How to manage your ad rate for Promoted Listings Standard

Learn how to manage your ad rate for Promoted Listings Standard with Webinterpret's Ad Rate Manager. Ad rates can be managed on a per-campaign and per-market (international and domestic) basis.

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How to approach advertising with Promoted Listings Standard

Before you start advertising your items, you need to define your business goals, which will help identify the initial campaign settings and key metrics you should track to understand your ads' performance. Webinterpret has identified 3 different business profiles that can help you position yourself and understand your needs/main outcome of using Promoted Listings Standard.

You can access these business profiles and recommendations through the Campaign Model Recommendation Tool (available when you are selecting your campaign model(s) by clicking the Not sure button).

Note: You can also access an overview of business goals (PDF) at the bottom of this article.



Ad rate options

1. Keep the current default ad rate (Webinterpret’s Smart strategy) which will not exceed 6.5%.

The default ad rate is based on the default recommended percentage supported by eBay, which is between 2 - 6.5% per campaign (Webinterpret's Smart strategy ad rate). If no changes to the ad rate are made, Webinterpret’s Smart strategy algorithm will be chosen by default.

2. Select the Webinterpret Recommended rate or eBay Recommended rate.

Note: This option will become available after your campaign has been created using a different ad rate option.

The Webinterpret Recommended rate option is a new option (alongside the eBay Recommended rate). Webinterpret's recommendation is based on the current trending ad rate for the specified market and other factors in the products being promoted for the campaign. This allows you to take the guesswork out of ad rate management and ensures your listings remain competitive in your domestic and international markets.

3. Input a desired ad rate range (in %), where all items will be promoted within this range depending on Webinterpret’s recommendation.

4. Select a flat rate (in %), where all items will be promoted based on this standard selected ad rate.


How to manage your ad rate per campaign

1. Log in to your Advertising Dashboard and scroll down to your latest available campaigns.

2. Under List of campaigns, click the edit icon under the AD RATE column.

3. Edit your ad rate based on one of the ad rate options and click Save.



How to manage your ad rate per market

1. Click Settings in your Advertising Dashboard.

2. Under Promoted Listings Standard, click ACTIONS > EDIT AD RATE next to the market.

3. Edit your ad rate based on one of the ad rate options and click Save.

Applying an ad rate on the market level means that new campaigns will be created using this type of ad rate.

Note: Listings already included in active campaigns will remain with those ad rates that were set up for them on the campaign level.