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Adjusting your existing Google Shopping Campaigns to get the full benefit of WebInterpret

As part of our PayPal Global stores program, we show International visitors to your store a popup in their local language and currency, offering to re-direct them to your international site(s) and localized checkout. For domestic visitors (ie UK visitor viewing your UK website) no pop-up or re-director will appear)

In relation to the above, if you're currently running (or plan to to run) Google Shopping Campaigns, please note that we recommend some basic action in the even that Google flag any of your Shopping feeds based on our pop-up re-directors.

To counter any compliance issues experienced related to the products you have listed within your Google Ad's campaign, you can take the following steps:

1: Add the suffix: ?wi=0 at the end of all the URL's you provide to Google Ads and Google Shopping.

This can be done manually or by setting URL parameters in the Google Ads settings

2: If you are utilizing a separate tool to manage your postings (ie Shopify offer such a manager) you can setup a so called ValueTrack parameter in Google Ads that will append `?wi=0` to every product url from those posted.

Google offer a the follow support document for the latter option:

Set up tracking with ValueTrack parameters

If the feel the options provided above are not viable for you to effect, we can recommend 3rd Party agencies who can make those changes on your Companies behalf.


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