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Promoted Listings - Essential FAQ's

This article will provide basic guidance on your Promoted Listings feature, and answer essential frequently asked questions such as what items can be included in a campaign, what can I expect from my campaign and what costs are involved:

1: Which/what items can be included in any promotion

To be eligible for eBay Promoted Listing program, a product should meet eBay prerequisites which are as follows:

  • The listing(s) must be a fixed price (Buy It Now) item
  • The listing(s) must be a multiple-quantity listing, therefore cannot be a single quantity listing
  • The listing(s) must be in one of the categories that support Promoted Listings (more information available from eBay here)
  • The listing(s) cannot be within the categories of real estate or motors

2: How does Webinterpret select those products from my listings that will be included as part of any promotion: 

Webinterpret follows the basic eBay prerequisites presented above. Our algorithm selects items from the eligible listings and kick-off a learning phase based on success rates. Based on results, adjustments will be made to consistently achieve the highest success rate.

3: Do I need to accept the Terms and Conditions for each of the specified marketplaces in order to start a Promoted Listings campaign ?

Yes, for each specific marketplace for which you would like to activate promoted listings, agreeing to that marketplace's Terms and Conditions is required. Without this approval, we can not start any Promoted Listing campaigns. As with International sales in general, please bear in mind that the more markets you advertise in, the likelier the increase in both listing visibility and ultimately sales.

4: Once I have agreed to the required Terms and Conditions, when can I expect to have active Promoted Listing campaigns?

Promoted Listing campaigns are typically activated within 24-48 hours Terms and Conditions approval.

5: Where can I monitor my campaigns and results?

Within your Webinterpret SUI you can view campaign performance and metrics such as overall total sales, ad costs,  and even impressions (views and clicks). Check this article that provides a deeper breakdown on accessing your reporting.

6: How does Webinterpret decide on the number of Promoted Listing campaigns and subsequent listings?

eBay specifies a limit of 50 thousand items per campaign. As a result we create as many campaigns as are required to Promote your Listings based on the most relevant data.

7:  What percentage rate is applied on listings?

We automatically choose those items with the highest selling potential per market and per category to optimize your ad spend. Using eBay's recommended rates enables you stay competitive whilst also providing an optimal balance between performance and cost. The maximum rate is set at 3.5% during your trial period (this remains the maximum once the trial period is concluded).

We are currently implementing a  feature to allow you to set your or modify ad rate(s) according to your needs and performance for each campaign. Once implemented, this function will be available within your SUI alongside your reporting and campaign performance(s).

8: What is the cost of the Promoted Listings feature once the Free Trial expires?

There is no cost associated with the service as such. During the Free Trial, we cover the ad cost for you, by providing a credit for those ad fees charged by eBay. Once the Free Trial expires, the feature reverts to our standard version which does not provide a credit for those eBay ad fee charges. This means you will cover the ad cost charged by eBay but we do not add any additional fees for using our service. 

Any commission fees associated to your subscribed rate plan are entirely separate from the Promoted Listings feature and remain as is. 

9: During the Free Trial, how does the refund process work?

A credit will be provided on a monthly basis during the Free Trial and will appear as such on your monthly invoice.

10: Will my Free Trial automatically end after the initial 2 months?

At the expiry of the Free 2 month trial, you don't need to take any action to continue with the Promoted Listings feature, we will simply keep your campaigns active and you will then be a part of the non-sponsored eBay Promoted Listings plan. This simply means that we will stop the refunding of ad costs that was offered within the Trial.

Once the Free Trial expires, we do not apply any additional service fees. 

11: Can I select the listings which are to be part of a Promoted listing campaign?

Currently your campaigns are non-customizable as far individual listings are concerned. As stated above regarding amending ad fees, this feature will be available once implemented and will be managed from your SUI along with campaign performance(s), sales reports and other data.

12: Can I end active campaigns?

As above, this is not currently available but ending of campaigns will be implemented within your SUI as per the amending of ad fees and customizable listings.

If you are not currently using our eBay, Amazon or Cdiscount services or wish to upgrade from our Trial plan to a full subscription, please contact our Support team to arrange a demo and introduction to our services.


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